Parents love that their kids love NorCal Jazz.  

NorCal Jazz Camp was a fantastic experience for our son, and we would recommend it to anyone who wants to introduce their young musician to the magic of jazz. You’ll be amazed at how much learning happens in one short week - we were. Great teacher, great kids, great music - what more could you want?
— Vicki Friedberg, parent of a trumpet player heading into 6th grade
Our son was taking drum lessons when we signed him up for NorCal Jazz Summer Camp and he was new to the band experience. Mr. Switzer changed the way he felt about playing his instrument. Different songs every day, playing with a group and being able to add to music was exciting for him and us. He was trying new drum beats and looking for different versions of the songs online. The camp brought a new music world to him! We highly recommend it.
— Meire Bremer, parent of a drummer heading into 7th grade
Our son had played trumpet for two years before attending NorCalJazz summer jazz camp. He had no experience playing jazz prior to the camp. The kid played three hours each day at camp and then came home and played for another two hours! He was so enthusiastic and his trumpet playing improved dramatically. He came away from the camp loving jazz and eager to play in the jazz band.
— Colleen Sullivan, parent of a trumpet player heading into 7th grade
I started playing jazz piano for the first time in September and it was extremely new and confusing for me, despite all the various jazz teachers I had tried out. Today Mr. Switzer hosted a JazzDeck clinic at my school and everything made sense suddenly! The JazzDeck alone is far more helpful than any of the teachers I had tried. Thank you Mr. Switzer!!!
— Karinna Chong, 9th grade piano student
For my son, one week wasn’t long enough. He came away from camp with greater confidence in his improvisational skills and a greater love for jazz. He is eager to do it again.
— Inger Bischofberger, parent of a trumpet player heading into 9th grade
Norcal Jazz Camp was transformational for my rising 6th grade clarinet player. She has always wanted to be a good musician, and she got a glimpse of what it would take to really learn to play from Mr. Switzer at Norcal Jazz. Livvy was one of the younger students, and on the first day she was a bit overwhelmed, but she persevered and continued to take lessons from Brian throughout the year. A year after being so overwhelmed, she can not WAIT till this summer’s Norcal Jazz Camp!! And I can’t wait to hear the awesome jazz.
— -Mary Page Paterink, parent of a clarinet player heading into 6th grade